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Congress Emplacement


The emplacement is the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering (Edificio Politécnico/Polytechnic Building), located at Luis de Ulloa Street 20, 26004 Logroño ( ), where the congress rooms are located: ACTOS room, GRADOS room, and JUNTAS room. The Opening (July 2 at 9.00) is the only academic activity in other building, concretelly in the AULA MAGNA of the University of La Rioja, in the Quintiliano Building (, located at La Cigüeña Street 60, 26006 Logroño.



Scientific and Social Program

Monday, 1st July 2019

16:00h-19:00h Registration and delivery of documentation (Polytechnic Building)

17:30h-20.30h  FlexSim Training: Learn how to create simulation models. (Computers rooms 1 & 2, Departmental Building) FREE ENTRY with inscription (inscription)

19.00h-20.00h Visit to the Professional Council of Industrial Engineers, to taste red wine and (knife cut) ham, while listening to traditional live string music. 
Plaza de San Bartolomé 1,

20:00h-21:30h Guided tour of the historic city center
Plaza de San Bartolomé 1,

21:30h Welcome cocktail and fraternization dinner with The Spanish Modelling and Simulation Group and the Intelligent Control Group, at the La Becada Gastronomic Society. This activity includes the Welcome Reception & Rioja Wine Tasting Course
Calle Santiago 3,  


Tuesday, 2nd July 2019

Place:  Aula Magna of the University of La Rioja (Quintiliano Building)

9:00h-12:00h Opening (Aula Magna, Quintiliano Building) including the Plenary Conferences (the summary of them, together with the CV of the speakers, is at the end of this document): 

  • Prof. Manuel Silva. Formal Methods and Simulation: Cooperation makes strength
  • Prof. José Manuel Andújar. Renewable sources-based smart micro grids with hydrogen as backup: modeling, control, implementation and management. A real case
  • Prof. Felix Breitenecker. Nature, Features and Properties of Developments in Modelling and Simulation – from A -Alternative to Z – Zippy

12:00h-14:00h Reception Lunch (Edificio Quintiliano) 


Tuesday, 2nd July 2019

Place:  Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering

11:00h-14.00h  FlexSim Training: Learn how to create simulation models. (Computers rooms 1 & 2, Departmental Building) FREE ENTRY with inscription (inscription)

15:00h-16:30h ACTOS room. Session 1

Iván Monzón, Jose Antonio Dieste, Alberto Laguia, Carlos Javierre and Daniel Elduque

Influence of process parameters on the morphology of additive manufacturing beads using WAAM technology in high deposition rate processes

Alberto Laguia Pérez, Jose Antonio Dieste Marcial, Iván Monzón Catalán, Carlos Javierre and Daniel Elduque

Influence of process parameters on the morphology of additive manufacturing beads using thermoset extrusion technology in high deposition rate processes

Juan-Ignacio Latorre-Biel, Eduardo Martínez Cámara, Julio Blanco Fernandez, Mercedes Perez de la Parte, Juan Carlos Sáenz-Díez and Emilio Jiménez-Macías

Human behavior modeling in crowded scenarios by reference nets

Antonio Gálvez Páez, Jokin Rubio, Dammika Severiratne, Asier González, Alberto Jimenez, Unai Martinez-de-Estarrona, Diego Galar and Esko Juuso

Hybrid Models and Digital Twins for Condition Monitoring: HVAC System for Railway


15:00h-16:30h GRADOS room. Session 2 (joint with Spanish Symposium 2019). Special Session on Trends and Perspectives of Machine Learning in Automation (I)


-Matilde Santos, University Complutense of Madrid, Spain,

-Juan G. Victores, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain,

-Gonzalo A. Farias, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile,

Pablo Zambrana-Lopez, J. Jesus Fernandez-Lozano, Javier Fernandez-Quijano, Pedro Mayorga-Rubio and Alfonso Garcia-Cerezo

A methodology for improving the PI controller of a wind turbine on a semi-submersible offshore platform: development and evaluation of an anti windup algorithm

José Luis Pitarch and César de Prada

Machine learning and the digital era from a Process Systems Engineering perspective

Javier Bonilla, Jose Antonio Carballo, Manuel Berenguel, Jesús Fernández and Loreto Valenzuela

Machine Learning Perspectives in Concentrating Solar Thermal Technology

Raul Fernandez-Fernandez, Juan G. Victores, David Estevez and Carlos Balaguer

Quick, Stat!: A Statistical Analysis of the Quick, Draw! Dataset


15:00h-16:30h JUNTAS room. Session 3

Jorge Luis García Alcaraz, Juan Carlos Sáenz Diez-Muro, Julio Blanco Fernández, and Emilio Jiménez Macías

Role of human resources on TQM benefits

Esther de Mol, Mihaela Mitici, Floris Herrema and Bruno Desart

Estimating the flight departure duration from push-back to take-off

Juan José Ramos González, Miquel Angel Piera, Gabriella Gigante, Domenico Pascarella, Gabriella Duca, Mario Ciaburri, Marta Sánchez Cidoncha, Luiz Manuel Braga and Jose Luis Munoz-Gamarra

A socio-technical holistic ABM simulation framework to assess ATC performance variability

Thimjo Koca and Miquel Angel Piera

Guarantying consistency of spatio-temporal regions that solve air traffic conflicts


16:30h-17:00h Coffee break 

17:00h-18:15h ACTOS room. Session 4

Solomon Aforkoghene Aromada and Bjørn Kvamme

Simulation of Hydrate Plug Prevention in Natural Gas Pipeline from Bohai Bay to Onshore Facilities in China

Solomon Aforkoghene Aromada and Bjørn Kvamme

Production of Methane from Hydrate and CO2 Zero-Emission Concept

Juan Carballeira, Carolina Nicolás, Santiago Garrido and Luis Moreno

Wildfire spreading simulator using Fast Marching algorithm

Gerardo Minguela Castro, Carlos Cerrada Somolinos and Jose A. Cerrada Somolinos

Military Operational Decision Maker based on Blocks feedback, using uncertainty techniques


17:00h-18:15h GRADOS room. Session 5 (joint with Spanish Symposium 2019). Special Session on Trends and Perspectives of Machine Learning in Automation (II)


- Matilde Santos, University Complutense of Madrid, Spain,

- Juan G. Victores, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain,

- Gonzalo A. Farias, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile,

David Estevez, Juan G. Victores, Raul Fernandez-Fernandez and Carlos Balaguer

Towards Clothes Hanging via Cloth Simulation and Deep Convolutional Networks

Esko Juuso

Advanced machine learning in recursive data-based modelling

Jennifer J Gago, Valentina Vasco, Bartek Łukawski, Ugo Pattacini, Vadim Tikhanoff, Juan G Victores and Carlos Balaguer

Sequence-to-Sequence Natural Language to Humanoid Robot Sign Language

Ignacio Trojaola, Iker Elorza, Eloy Irigoyen and Aron Pujana

Machine Learning Control for the Commissioning of Hydraulic Presses


17:00h-18:15h JUNTAS room. Session 6

Borut Zupančič, Gašper Mušič, Maja Atanasijević-Kunc, Sašo Blažič and Milan Simčič

Control-Oriented Modelling and Simulation - the Impact to the INMOTION Project

Íñigo Leon, Juan Ignacio Latorre, Emilio Jiménez

Blockchain techniques applied to Petri Net state space. An approach to ensure security in Petri Net state evolution

David Gallarta, Pablo Álvarez, Javier Rico-Azagra and Montserrat Gil-Martínez

Adapted Laboratory for Mobile Robotics Teaching and its Application to Coordinated Control of Robots

Erika Oliveira-Silva and Cesar de Prada

Methodology to achieve convergence in a rigorous dynamic model of a superfractionator


18:20h-20:30h Buses to guided visit to Winery and Wine Museum Dinastia Vivanco (Briones). Buses are taken at the entrance of the Polytechnic Building, Calle Luis de Ulloa 20

20:30h-21:00h Tasting and guided visit to the "Vivanco"  Wine Culture Museum

21:00h Dinner at winery Dinastia Vivanco (Briones). 


Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

Place:  Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering

09.00h ACTOS room. Plenary Talk (joint with Spanish Symposium 2019).

Chair. Felix Breitenecker

Martin Bicher, Matthias Wastian, Dominik Brunmeir, Matthias Rößler and Niki Popper

Review on Monte Carlo Simulation Stopping Rules: How Many Samples Are Really Enough?


9:30h-11:30h ACTOS room. Session 7

Solomon Aforkoghene Aromada and Bjørn Kvamme

Modelling of Methane Hydrate Formation and Dissociation using Residual Thermodynamics

Julio Jose Caparros Mancera, Francisco Jose Vivas Fernandez, Francisca Segura Manzano and Jose Manuel Andujar Marquez

Optimized Balance of Plant for a medium-size PEM electrolyzer. Design, Modelling and Control

Rosa María Aguilar, Alberto Hamilton and Pedro Cabrera

Encoder-Decoder LSTM for predicting household electricity consumption using public data

Petri Heinonen and Esko K. Juuso

Genetic Algorithms in the domain of personalized nutrition


9:30h-11:30h GRADOS room. Session 8 (Conjunta con EUROSIM 2019). Special Session on Approaching Floating Off-shore Wind Turbines (FOWT): modelling, optimization and control


- Matilde Santos, University Complutense of Madrid, Spain,

- María Tomás-Rodríguez, The City, University of London, UK,

- Segundo Esteban, University Complutense of Madrid,

Jesus Enrique Sierra Garcia and Matilde Santos

Cable suspended load UAV hybrid automata modelling and neuro-control

Sergio Díaz González, Jesús Torres Jorge and Rosa María Aguilar Chinea

Using Deep Learning to classify emotions in images in the tourism field

Daniel Villoslada, Matilde Santos and María Tomás-Rodríguez

Identification and Validation of a Barge Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Model with Optimized Tuned Mass Damper

Maria Tomas-Rodriguez, Kamal Feroz and Matilde Santos

Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Oscillations Damping

Segundo Esteban, Rafael Lopez, Maria Guijarro and Matilde Santos

Simulation of Regular Waves on Floating Wind Turbines: Preliminary Analysis

Maria Guijarro, Segundo Esteban and Matilde Santos

A survey of damage control methods for wind turbines based on sensors: a first approach


11:30h-12:00h Coffee Break

12:00h-13:30h ACTOS room. Session 9

Sophie Adama, Aaron Blankenburg, Christian Ernst, Richard Kummer, Satiyabooshan Murugaboopathy and Martin Bogdan

Motion Detection in Videos of Coherence Matrices in order to detect Consciousness States in CLIS-patients – an Approach

Mario Kallenbach, Stephan Kocks and Thomas Feuerle

An Adaptable Full-Scale Aircraft Cabin Simulator for Human-in-the-Loop Simulations

Gorka Miñano Durantez, Mikel Larrea and Eloy Irigoyen

Review of neural modelling on cardiovascular rehabilitation active processes by using cycloergometers

Volafidy Sophie Adama, Shang-Ju Wu, Nicoletta Nicolaou and Martin Bogdan

Extendable Hybrid approach to detect conscious states in a CLIS patient using machine learning


12:00h-13:30h JUNTAS room. Session 10

Janitha Bandara, Britt Moldestad and Marianne Eikeland

Analyzing the Effects of Geometrical and Particle Size Uncertainty in Circulating Fluidized Beds using CPFD Simulation

Guillermo Calvo Alvarado and Jesus Enrique Sierra

pyEff: New tool for code efficiency measurement

Marsel Omeri, Marko Radanovic, Ernesto Emmanuel Santana Cruz and Romualdo Moreno Ortiz

Simulation processes for on-board state estimation in a small UAV environment

Hendrik Folkerts, Christina Deatcu and Thorsten Pawletta

Python-Based eSES/MB Framework: Model Specification and Automatic Model Generation for Multiple Simulators


13:30h-15:00h Lunch, Spanish paella (polytechnic building)

15:00h-16:30h ACTOS room. Session 11

Vladimir Ceperic and Alma Trazivuk

Automated generation and selection of the electronic circuit black-box model inputs

Aitor J. Garrido, Erlantz Otaola, Manuel De la Sen and Izaskun Garrido

Analytical design and validation of OWC chamber device models by means of real-time experimental data

Jesus Enrique Sierra

Industrial AGV holistic modelling approach

Julián Seco, Antonio José Calderón, Isaías González and Manuel Calderón

Preliminary design of modular electrolyzer for photovoltaic energy utilization in Smart Micro-Grids


15:00h-16:30h GRADOS room. Session 12

Xiaofeng Hu, Wei Li, Ping Ma and Ming Yang

A Combined Weighting Method Based on Hierarchical Clustering

Dirk Zimmer

Robust Simulation of Stream-Dominated Thermo-Fluid Systems: From Unidirectional to Bidirectional Applications

Du, Tao Chao, Ma and Yang

Multi-objective optimization based on decomposition of weight vectors generated by Latin Hypercube

Isabel Claveria, Daniel Elduque, Carlos Javierre, Carmelo Pina and Raquel Acero

Dimensional behavior of recycled prolypropilene


16:30h-17:00h Coffee Break

17:00h-18:30h ACTOS room. Session 13

Arturo Aquino Martín, Juan Manuel Ponce Real, Borja Millán Prior, Diego Tejada Guzmán and José Manuel Andújar Márquez

Post-Harvest Olive-Table Characterisation by Means of Image Analysis

Javier Echeto, Matilde Santos and Manuel Romana

Traffic Jam Assist Simulation and Analysis

Galina Antonova

The simulation modeling as the part of grid methods of uniform probing for the dynamic stochastic systems investigation

Julian Malaka

Application of CAE to model and simulate wheel-ground contact in railway vehicle

Mario Rodríguez Cantelar, Fernando Matía Espada and Pablo San Segundo Carrillo

Neural Model Applied to a Conversational Agent in a Closed Domain


19:15h-20:30h Walk for the Santiago's road to the restaurant, departing from the north part of the Stone Bridge “Puente de Piedra”, finishing at the restaurant of the Gala Dinner

20:30h-21:00h Visit to the winery Bodegas Francoespañolas, where the gala dinner will take place.

21:00h Gala dinner at Bodegas Francoespañolas, where the gala dinner will take place. 


Thusday, 4th July 2019

Place:  Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering

09.00h ACTOS room. Plenary Talk 

Chair. Emilio Jimenez

Rodrigo Romero-Silva and Miguel Mujica Mota

Modelling landside logistic operations of a mega airport hub with discrete-event simulation


9:30h-11:30h ACTOS room. Session 14

Francisco J. Flor, Mercedes Pérez, Emilio Jiménez, Eduardo Martínez, Julio Blanco

Wine Aging in Reused Oak Barrels Sanitized with Carbon Dioxide

Francisco J. Flor, Mercedes Pérez, Emilio Jiménez, Eduardo Martínez, and Julio Blanco

Carbon dioxide as a new oak barrel cleaning process. Influences on the volatile compounds of oak-wood

Montblanc Quentin, Dewaele Ophelie, Jaouane Yasmina, Kouiti Ismail, and Odjaoade Benjamin

Android application for the Bier Game Benchmark

Hamoud Mohamed Sneiba, Bensaka Mouad, Jaaouane Yasmina, Harchli Chaymae

Realization of a web application "Personalization of Polo online"

Tagmouti Zineb

System for measuring and collecting data of an isolated photovoltaic installation

Diego Ruiz

Modeling and simulation of a real industrial process using FLEXSIM

Víctor López Larrea

Biocompatible materials in the modeling, design and 3D printing of artificial prostheses

Martin Prieto Celorrio

How to manage virtual reality projects

Alberto Falces

Electric car development in the University of La Rioja

Alberto Falces

Motostudent participation in the University of La Rioja


12.30 Closing Ceremony and Presentation of next Eurosim Congress in Amsterdam 2022

13:30h-15:00h Lunch (Polytechnic building)

19:30h-21:00h Guided tour of the historic city centre (for those who were not able to attend the guided visit on Monday), departing from Plaza del Mercado, the place of the Cathedral. 

21:00h Free dinner in Calle Laurel, probably the most typical street of Tapas of Spain, making use of the tickets provided in the registration kit, which can be used to obtain a wine and a tapa in the bars with a distinctive in the entrance. 


Friday, 5th July 2019

08:00h Tour by La Rioja visiting some of the most famous Monasteries of La Rioja, wineries, and technological centers. Lunch included in the visit. Departure from the (Polytechnic Building)


Saturday 6th July. Post conference tour

As an extension of the activities, and taking advantage from the vicinity of Pamplona, the well-known city for the festivities of San Fermines and the bullfights for its streets during the festivities, immortalized by Heminway, there will be an excursion to the event of the official beginning of the festivity, with "el chupinazo" (rocket announcer) . Departure from the (Polytechnic Building)

Price (this activity is notincluded in the inscription pack):                             50€
It includes bus to Pamplona and lunch.


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Call for papers


Special Session on Trends and Perspectives of Machine Learning in Automation


Special Session on Approaching Floating Off-shore Wind Turbines (FOWT): modelling, optimization and control


Important Dates

  • Submission deadline                    10th June 2019
  • Acceptance deadline                    15th June 2019
  • Early registration deadline            16th June 2019
  • Final submission deadline            20th June 2019



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